Monday, May 29, 2006

The God Gene

Well Today I just read an interesting article that confirms suspicions that many atheists have had for a long time. God is in your Genes, not in that way pervert..Basically a researcher has claimed to have found a strong correlation between ones feeling/belief in a spiritual power and the presence of a specific gene. This research is interesting in many respects as it shows a predisposition to this type of behavior. I am still looking for his actual paper on the subject so if anyone finds it please let me know. Questions I have about this would be first and foremost does this gene mean exclusively that one will be more apt to believe in this or are there atheists also with this gene. Additionally I'd be curious to know the size of the study and what methods were used in gathering this information.

What I found really interesting in the article was how this chaplain went on about how this discovery goes against all his theological beliefs. Here's a thought if the gene is there I don't think it really cares if it threatens his spiritual sense of well being.

Just in fairness this scientist is also the person who claims to have discovered the controversial "gay gene".

God Gene


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