Thursday, May 04, 2006

Christian Values at work

Well Here we have a classic example of good Christian values at work.

This is the article I would recommend reading it since I will gloss over it and besides its amusing to read their justifications
Jesus Ranch

Short form
Family buys land back in the 1950's
Dad dies in the 1960's so family sells all but 5 acres
Mother continues paying taxes on remaining 5 acres
Meanwhile the person who purchased the land sells it to a Christian teen ranch
Mother gets sick moves in with daughter in Mexico
To pay off bills daughter tries to sell the land
For sale signs go up then it is noticed there is a Bell tower on the land

Now here is where it gets ridiculous. Once the signs go up the teen ranch claims they own the land and tear the signs down. A survey is done and sure enough the Teen ranch does not own the land. Now at this point the Christian has to be sitting there saying hmm Moses said something about not stealing and it was a pretty prevalent in a few stories suggesting god ( or Jesus) felt that it was generally a bad idea. Well as I have always suspected facts have no place in religion, So what's the best thing to do well file a lawsuit claiming that the teen ranch owns the land anyhow. Seems like a lot of work for a couple acres...Oh right I forgot, apparently the teen ranch decided to lease out that strategic five acres for a cell phone tower. Oh right and they didn't do this for free of course, no mention on the amount but its probably large enough to fund their ministering. Now this is not a blog about scumbag industries and such but the telcom company who owns the tower lets just say they didn't do their homework.

Teen Ranch Web Site
So anyone interested should check them out particularly the About us section, it's awful convenient that a camp who in their own words
" ...We encourage campers to develop physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually ensuring a complete, fulfilled human being. Biblical principles are taught for practical living and we encourage people to consider their personal relationship with God."

Ok news flash asshats stealing is not a biblical principal despite the various despicable things present its pretty clear stealing is a no-no. I find it awfully convenient that these religious groups want to use their faith as a shield against the real world but then they lack the basic integrity to stick to it when they are obviously in the wrong.



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