Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gods Fault?

Today we'll be broaching a topic that has been driving me insane for years. Like an scratch you just can't itch. I am talking of course about these people who praise god , Jesus, Allah, Buddha or what not for saving them from some calamity.

Virtually every natural or unnatural disaster you hear the survivors talking about how so and so saved them. See the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Sago Mine blast for references of said behavior I am far too lazy to dig up meaningless praise to a nonexistent creator

Here's a little news flash for these morons. If their deity of choice is responsible for saving them one can also safely surmise that their deity of choice was responsible for them being in peril in the first place and for their loved ones dying. God of love, peace, harmony or whatever? I think not If anything try god of ambivalence or indifference. Chew on that one.


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