Friday, April 21, 2006

A passive non theist becomes an atheist

After many years of using a live and let live policy with regards to deists it has been made clear lately that whether we like it or not there is a war on thought. Most recently we have seen attacks on Science, free press and human rights in general, by people claiming to do one god or anothers bidding.

Recently I came across a gem by one of these mindless drones that irked me beyond belief. I speak of course about the infallible(read unemployable) Kirk Cameron speaking about evolution, against it more accurately. Now for the one person who doesn't know this he found Jesus and became an evangelical Christian. This rant is best saved for another day but at what point does a celebrity think that they are an expert on anything?

Anyhow after watching this crap which was a colossal waste of time I was pissed , first because it was 30 minutes of my life gone but secondly because they are so full of shit. So much fecal matter and so little time to go over it suffice to say elephants don't often pass turds that big watch it if you are interested ask Dr Google about Kirk Cameron The Evolution Zone . Of course they have extra indoctrination material they'll sell to the sheep after the show but one thing in particular caught my eye. "Questions for Evolutionists by Kent Hovind" and that is when it occurred to me that the reason we seem to be losing this fight is that we don't have our own talking points.

So lets start this off with Questions for creationists

Explain what a scientific theory is.

What is your alternate theory how do you propose to test this?

Explain resistant strains of bacteria.

There are at least three different versions of the eye, Did the creator create an imperfect eye twice prior to the proper one? Explain in detail

For the biblical creationists: Which version of genesis are you using? For that matter which bible are you using? Explain why each of these is more valid than the other options

Fossils are found in geological stratas ranging from the more complex(and recent) deposits on top and the less complex much lower. Obviously this is a hoax, why haven't we found a rabbit in the Precambrian deposits?

Explain all the laws of thermodynamics then explain (with a straight face) how evolution violates these.

What use is Pseudo DNA ? Why would this exist out of the context of evolution?

well that is it for now.



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