Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to pray in Space

So this morning I wake up to see this article on Malaysia joining the world in space by sending an astronaut up with the Russians.
Mohammed to visit spacial Teapot

Now maybe I am just simple but one would think that astronauts Muslim or not would have much bigger concerns than how to pray. Like maybe not screwing up? This whole "issue" seems a contrivance on the part of the politicians in this case to get brownie points with a religious sect of society kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Not being an expert on Islam I can't say this for sure but I would have to imagine that there is some leeway offered for extraordinary situations. For example If Muslims were in a war would they be required to stop fighting and pray, my guess is no but I'd have to defer to any Muslim scholars on this.

Now aside from that we have this other moron who wakes up one morning and thinks "Hey what astronauts need is a program that will tell them when to pray and which way to face". I'd be curious to know how many Muslims there are who would require this software. I've got to imagine that the number is low , like maybe greater than zero but less than two?

So the big question is not so how is he going to make this software more popular, it should be why is no one mocking this idiot? This is the problem with religious tolerance taken to the current extreme it promotes cowardly journalism where this actually becomes a new item instead of some half baked comedian doing standup.


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