Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christians having trouble understanding fiction

Ok I've been trying to find articles on stuff other than Christians because it's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel so expect some non-Christian stuff soon. That being said the stink over the Davinci code is too good to pass up.
Here is a brief sampling of the stupidity

refuting fiction with more fiction

OK lets address the first guy IT'S FICTION STUPID. Apparently that isn't good enough so here is the guys argument in a nutshell. The bible is the unaltered truth and it must be because it was created by the followers of Jesus, All that other "evidence" is lies because the early church refuted it. By this guys logic a book written about the 1950's would be more accurate than a diary buried in the 1950's then discovered in the present, maybe he should go work for the discovery institute they need good scientists like that.

Now the other article is less annoying but much sillier. Christian groups are basically planning to boycott/disrupt viewings of the davinci code. As I said earlier IT'S FICTION STUPID. This shouldn't surprise me as these are the same people who take the bible as the literal word of god. Even the parts that contradict.

Now the question I have for people out there is why is this stupidity tolerated. Yes we live in a free and open society. Yes they have a right to their beliefs. However YES we also have a right to laugh in their pathetic faces when they can't understand the difference between fact and fiction. So do a public service and find a boycotting Christian and laugh at them.



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