Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Religion of Peace

Well those wacky Muslims haven't been up to much that really got me going so I guess I'll rant on something that I keep hearing about Islam being that it is a religion of peace. What a pure crock of shit. Little history lesson for people. Islam was founded in the 7th century within 100 years of the death of Muhammad the Muslim empire stretched from the Atlantic to central Asia with Mecca at the center obviously. A quick glance at a map shows how massive this area is. One can be pretty sure that this feat was not accomplished with pleasantness ordered acquisition of land. Check out this handy little guide.

Religion of peace my eye

Now that is not to say that everything they did was bad but to represent them as a religion of peace is pure bullshit. The wider issue is really can any religion be regarded as anything remotely peaceful. Even so called pacifist religions have well documented histories of conflict and some pretty unpleasant behavior.

So in conclusion religion of peace my ass. Sure they've had high points but they've not really done much more than set a high tide mark on the bowl of the toilet that all religions are circling. Maybe if people stopped worrying about the trivialities of religion they could get on to the real business of living life not living in a myth.


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