Sunday, October 22, 2006

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There will be a new format coming soon. Sorry about the lack of posts.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The God Gene

Well Today I just read an interesting article that confirms suspicions that many atheists have had for a long time. God is in your Genes, not in that way pervert..Basically a researcher has claimed to have found a strong correlation between ones feeling/belief in a spiritual power and the presence of a specific gene. This research is interesting in many respects as it shows a predisposition to this type of behavior. I am still looking for his actual paper on the subject so if anyone finds it please let me know. Questions I have about this would be first and foremost does this gene mean exclusively that one will be more apt to believe in this or are there atheists also with this gene. Additionally I'd be curious to know the size of the study and what methods were used in gathering this information.

What I found really interesting in the article was how this chaplain went on about how this discovery goes against all his theological beliefs. Here's a thought if the gene is there I don't think it really cares if it threatens his spiritual sense of well being.

Just in fairness this scientist is also the person who claims to have discovered the controversial "gay gene".

God Gene

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Keep your Jesus off my penis

This one is a little corny but I'd feel bad not sharing it with everyone willing to watch. Hey If nothing else Jesus and penis mentioned in the same sentence should make it worthwhile.

Keep your Jesus off my penis

Religion of Peace

Well those wacky Muslims haven't been up to much that really got me going so I guess I'll rant on something that I keep hearing about Islam being that it is a religion of peace. What a pure crock of shit. Little history lesson for people. Islam was founded in the 7th century within 100 years of the death of Muhammad the Muslim empire stretched from the Atlantic to central Asia with Mecca at the center obviously. A quick glance at a map shows how massive this area is. One can be pretty sure that this feat was not accomplished with pleasantness ordered acquisition of land. Check out this handy little guide.

Religion of peace my eye

Now that is not to say that everything they did was bad but to represent them as a religion of peace is pure bullshit. The wider issue is really can any religion be regarded as anything remotely peaceful. Even so called pacifist religions have well documented histories of conflict and some pretty unpleasant behavior.

So in conclusion religion of peace my ass. Sure they've had high points but they've not really done much more than set a high tide mark on the bowl of the toilet that all religions are circling. Maybe if people stopped worrying about the trivialities of religion they could get on to the real business of living life not living in a myth.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Christians having trouble understanding fiction

Ok I've been trying to find articles on stuff other than Christians because it's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel so expect some non-Christian stuff soon. That being said the stink over the Davinci code is too good to pass up.
Here is a brief sampling of the stupidity

refuting fiction with more fiction

OK lets address the first guy IT'S FICTION STUPID. Apparently that isn't good enough so here is the guys argument in a nutshell. The bible is the unaltered truth and it must be because it was created by the followers of Jesus, All that other "evidence" is lies because the early church refuted it. By this guys logic a book written about the 1950's would be more accurate than a diary buried in the 1950's then discovered in the present, maybe he should go work for the discovery institute they need good scientists like that.

Now the other article is less annoying but much sillier. Christian groups are basically planning to boycott/disrupt viewings of the davinci code. As I said earlier IT'S FICTION STUPID. This shouldn't surprise me as these are the same people who take the bible as the literal word of god. Even the parts that contradict.

Now the question I have for people out there is why is this stupidity tolerated. Yes we live in a free and open society. Yes they have a right to their beliefs. However YES we also have a right to laugh in their pathetic faces when they can't understand the difference between fact and fiction. So do a public service and find a boycotting Christian and laugh at them.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

Christian Values at work

Well Here we have a classic example of good Christian values at work.

This is the article I would recommend reading it since I will gloss over it and besides its amusing to read their justifications
Jesus Ranch

Short form
Family buys land back in the 1950's
Dad dies in the 1960's so family sells all but 5 acres
Mother continues paying taxes on remaining 5 acres
Meanwhile the person who purchased the land sells it to a Christian teen ranch
Mother gets sick moves in with daughter in Mexico
To pay off bills daughter tries to sell the land
For sale signs go up then it is noticed there is a Bell tower on the land

Now here is where it gets ridiculous. Once the signs go up the teen ranch claims they own the land and tear the signs down. A survey is done and sure enough the Teen ranch does not own the land. Now at this point the Christian has to be sitting there saying hmm Moses said something about not stealing and it was a pretty prevalent in a few stories suggesting god ( or Jesus) felt that it was generally a bad idea. Well as I have always suspected facts have no place in religion, So what's the best thing to do well file a lawsuit claiming that the teen ranch owns the land anyhow. Seems like a lot of work for a couple acres...Oh right I forgot, apparently the teen ranch decided to lease out that strategic five acres for a cell phone tower. Oh right and they didn't do this for free of course, no mention on the amount but its probably large enough to fund their ministering. Now this is not a blog about scumbag industries and such but the telcom company who owns the tower lets just say they didn't do their homework.

Teen Ranch Web Site
So anyone interested should check them out particularly the About us section, it's awful convenient that a camp who in their own words
" ...We encourage campers to develop physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually ensuring a complete, fulfilled human being. Biblical principles are taught for practical living and we encourage people to consider their personal relationship with God."

Ok news flash asshats stealing is not a biblical principal despite the various despicable things present its pretty clear stealing is a no-no. I find it awfully convenient that these religious groups want to use their faith as a shield against the real world but then they lack the basic integrity to stick to it when they are obviously in the wrong.


Dilution of Idiocy

I just had to share this with anyone who might be reading. This site is hilarious. Not only does it dilute an already meaningless practice( the issuing of fatwas) but it also gives you a chance to insult those you like or loathe anonymously. Basically the web site allows you to issue fatwas for any variety of offences...Just like "real" Muslims. Hopefully this guy ( or gal) will keep updating the reasons for sending one. As for me I am sending these to everyone I know. Perhaps I can get a few issued to me for real.

Send Fatwas Here


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Gods Fault?

Today we'll be broaching a topic that has been driving me insane for years. Like an scratch you just can't itch. I am talking of course about these people who praise god , Jesus, Allah, Buddha or what not for saving them from some calamity.

Virtually every natural or unnatural disaster you hear the survivors talking about how so and so saved them. See the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Sago Mine blast for references of said behavior I am far too lazy to dig up meaningless praise to a nonexistent creator

Here's a little news flash for these morons. If their deity of choice is responsible for saving them one can also safely surmise that their deity of choice was responsible for them being in peril in the first place and for their loved ones dying. God of love, peace, harmony or whatever? I think not If anything try god of ambivalence or indifference. Chew on that one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How to pray in Space

So this morning I wake up to see this article on Malaysia joining the world in space by sending an astronaut up with the Russians.
Mohammed to visit spacial Teapot

Now maybe I am just simple but one would think that astronauts Muslim or not would have much bigger concerns than how to pray. Like maybe not screwing up? This whole "issue" seems a contrivance on the part of the politicians in this case to get brownie points with a religious sect of society kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Not being an expert on Islam I can't say this for sure but I would have to imagine that there is some leeway offered for extraordinary situations. For example If Muslims were in a war would they be required to stop fighting and pray, my guess is no but I'd have to defer to any Muslim scholars on this.

Now aside from that we have this other moron who wakes up one morning and thinks "Hey what astronauts need is a program that will tell them when to pray and which way to face". I'd be curious to know how many Muslims there are who would require this software. I've got to imagine that the number is low , like maybe greater than zero but less than two?

So the big question is not so how is he going to make this software more popular, it should be why is no one mocking this idiot? This is the problem with religious tolerance taken to the current extreme it promotes cowardly journalism where this actually becomes a new item instead of some half baked comedian doing standup.